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Audi, Volkwagen & Skoda Car Service Doncaster

At Volkspower we know the importance of keeping cars serviced on a regular basis. Like a person visiting a doctor, cars need to be checked on a routine to make sure that everything is working as designed. With over 50 years of detailed and dedicated experience behind us we can deliver a precise set of services and solutions that are tailored to your vehicle.

Committed to delivering a professional service of the highest satisfaction the technicians and mechanics at Volkspower utilise accurate and advanced diagnostic machinery and equipment to get a precise reading of your car’s actual performance, as well as its possible output levels. With this information we can update and upgrade your car to its full potential by using OEM parts and components to great effect.

By specialising in working on, repairing, and servicing European made vehicles Volkspower stands out from any other “car service centres near me”. It is thanks to this focus that we can complete an exceptional Audi, Skoda, and Volkswagen service for Doncaster locals and beyond.

So, if you are searching for a first-rate Skoda mechanic in Doncaster look no further than Volkspower. To book in for a Volkswagen Doncaster service that beats the rest call us on 03 9808 6777.

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  • “ These guys simply have more collective knowledge than the new car dealerships. I trust these guys for preventing mechanical issues and for their detailed understanding. Pricing is reasonable.OK, you perhaps don’t get the courtesy car, but that’s what a bus or bike is for. Overall, far more satisfied than plainly being ripped off by a new car dealership, who mostly churn your car through low experienced mechanics ”

    Ross Egerton
  • Hi Carl,
    Thank you for your work in installing the Harding Performance DSG software upgrade in my 2007 3.2L V6 Passat. It’s a big improvement. I’ve driven a later-year R36 and felt the DSG performed better. This is another step better again. It really does what’s claimed. It makes the car more driveable.
    It holds gears for longer in D and holds gears for less time in S. It makes both D and S more useable.

    Previously when turning a corner around the city, the car would enter the corner in say 5th gear and stay in that gear on exit with no useable power. Several subtle throttle applications on exit would produce no results until the DSG suddenly jolted into 1st gear with lots of revs. With this upgrade the car changes down gears when entering a corner in much the same way you would yourself if you were driving a manual. When exiting the corner, the car is already in 2nd gear ready for effective acceleration.

    It really has transformed the way the car drives. In a way, it’s a different car.

    Harding Performance DSG software upgrade